Weekly Schedule: Intense and Energetic

Weekly Schedule: Intense and Energetic

Weekly Schedule: Intense and Energetic
  • NEW! 20 min Core Power

    This Core Power segment focuses on tempo. We first move through a sequence slowly and then pick up the pace to see if we can keep the control when things speed up. The change of pace makes for a powerful, energizing and dynamic workout.

  • NEW! 10 Minute Burner

    Ten minute burner sequence focusing on upper body strength and abs.

  • NEW! Pilates with Toys - Stairs

    Standing Pilates segment using a set of stairs. This session challenges your legs from your feet, ankle, knees and hips. You will also develop your balance, work on core stability and coordination.

  • PBW Signature Session Spine and Core!

    Day Three is all about how supple your spine is. The more mobility we work on in our spine the more we have to master connecting to our deep core. If you're hoping for sore abs tomorrow this session is going to deliver. Not what you had in mind? No problem! Lots of variations and modifications of...

  • 28 min Core Power

    This energetic session will inspire you on day one of the 7 day challenge. Each movement builds offering options from moderate to high intensity. In 30 minutes you get a full body PilatesBodyWorkout session.

  • 35 min PBW Signature Session

    Sometimes we just want to get on our mat and move. This flow is for you. Stop, drop and Pilates!

  • 30 min PBW Signature Session