PBW with Toys

PBW with Toys

PBW with Toys
  • NEW! Pilates with Toys - Stairs

    Standing Pilates segment using a set of stairs. This session challenges your legs from your feet, ankle, knees and hips. You will also develop your balance, work on core stability and coordination.

  • PBW with Toys - Focus on Legs

    Using a chair or going free hand we find a standing leg burn!

  • Pilates Body Workout with Toys - Sofa segment

    On Day Four we take it to your sofa for some innovative, demanding and fun PBW movements. You'll never look at your sofa the same way again. You'll start to see it as a great tool to stop, drop and Pilates with any time.

  • 15 min Pilates Body Workout with Toys - Chair

    Repurpose the chair you sit on! In 15 minutes I’ll offer you some new and challenging ways to use a chair PBW style. Grab a sturdy and stable chair and explore how you can use it to build your body up instead of just wilting into a seated position.

  • 35 min PBW with Toys - Mini Stability ball

    This is a Core burner. This mini stability ball packs in a lot of power to our Pilates session!

  • 25 min Pilates Body Workout with Toys - Flex Band

    The band is such a great tool to Feel the Pilates Feels and work against resistance. Enjoy this full body workout with the added feedback and work of the band.

  • Pilates with Toys - Block

    The theme of this segment is balance and control. Use the blocks to challenge your stability and find muscles that often get overlooked or underworked. Don’t have blocks? You can still do this workout without and use a heavy book where possible instead.

  • 35min Pilates with Toys - Hand Weights

    Using small hand weights (1-2lbs is ideal) we take your PBW session to the next level. Don’t have any weights? Grab soup cans or water bottles. You can also do the entire session weight free and still reap the benefits.

  • 27 min Pilates Body Workout on the Foam Roller

    The Foam Roller is such an amazing tool. It is an innovative way to work on balance and stability, but also dishes out an added core challenge. Full body workout means you get to use the foam roller in unique ways you’ve never experienced before.

  • Pilates Body Workout with Toys - Towel workout

  • 35 mins Pilates Body Workout with Weights

    Use small hand weights (1,2 or 3lbs), soup cans, or water bottles to bring an added upper body challenge to your Pilates practice. This workout can also be effectively done without weights. The focus is on challenging our upper body stability, strength and endurance. You might think that 2lbs is ...

  • 25 min Pilates Body Workout with Toys - with a Band

    Use the band to add resistance to your Pilates practice. You’ll enjoy the feedback the band gives to signature PBW movements.

  • 20 min Pilates Body Workout with Toys - Toning Weights

    Don’t have weights? Grab water bottles, soup cans or you can do the session without weights and still feel all the feels. This is a dynamic segment which starts standing and shifts to the floor midway. The weights bring a new element to signature PBW movements.

  • 30 min Pilates Body Workout with Toys - Block

    Use a block or a book to bring some added challenge and awareness to your Pilates practice. This session is unque, engages your mind, your deep stabilizers and provides a solid 30 min workout.

  • 20 min Pilates Body Workout with Toys - with a Band

    Using a band provides resistance for some movements and a little bit of support for others. Bands are an amazing tool, one of my favourite, because they can mimic the way Pilates equipment like the famous Reformer work our muscles. You’re going to love this segment. See you on the mat with your b...

  • 15 min PBW Signature Session at the Wall

    The wall is a great place to find and challenge alignment. Full body workout with a focus on upper body.

  • 20 min Pilates Body Workout with Toys - Foam Roller

    A moderate pace means we can focus and really feel the feels by recruiting the right muscles. The foam roller is an excellent companion for Pilates. Explore why in this 20 minute session.