PBW Spotlight

PBW Spotlight

PBW Spotlight
  • NEW! 10 Minute Burner

    Ten minute burner sequence focusing on upper body strength and abs.

  • PBW Spotlight - Feel those Glutes and Hips

    Focus on siide lying movements to challenge your hips and glutes (your seat muscles).

  • Spotlight on Greasy Hips

    Who doesn’t want limber and strong hips? This segment challenges both.

  • PBW Spotlight on Rolling - tutorial

    Rolling on our back happens in quite a few Pilates movements. Watch this video for a breakdown on what to do to prepare for rolling, how to do is safely and successfully with a few different options depending on your needs.

  • 10 min Ab Burner #2

    Flexion free abdominal burner. We repeat a sequence twice which means you get two chances to learn and do the movements. With repetition the magic is forced to rise!

  • 10 min Ab Burner #1

    Abs, core, powerhouse workout. There’s a lot we can accomplish in just 10 minutes. These short segments are meant for those time-strapped days where we want to do something meaningful, but can’t commit to a longer session. Stop. Drop. Pilates!

  • 12 min Glute Burner!

    Focus in on your glutes (seat muscles) and get them fired up on all cylinders. The hope is you’ll be able to recruit them more readily in a full body PBW segment and feel them acutely. Short, effective glute burner session.

  • 15 min Arm Burner

    Sometimes we want to focus on one specific part of our body. It’s a great opportunity to connect with and intensely work on one area of the body. This short, but challenging segment will dish out a solid arm burner infused with all the PBW alignment and movement tips.

  • PBW Spotlight - Rolling Down

    The roll down from standing is one of the movements I call underrated and invaluable. Learn how to do this movement for better spinal mobility, but also because it will help you perform Pilates movements on the mat.

  • PBW Spotlight - Shoulders

  • PBW Spotlight - Neck & Head

  • Pilates Body Workout Spotlight - Get up off the floor!

    Being able to stand up off of the floor without using your hands is a valuable skill and a good measure of someone’s overall physical health. In this segment you’ll learn a few ways to develop the ability to do so safely and effectively.

  • 5 min PBW Spotlight on Side Bending

    Short tutorial on improving your side bends by using the wall.

  • PBW Spotlight on Bracing Abdominals

  • 10 min PBW - Upper Body Strengthening

    Short on time? Stop. Drop. Pilates. Focusing on getting out of our shoulder slouch and building our upper body stability and strength

  • PBW Spotlight - Feet

    Learn how to strengthen your feet and restore a healthy range of motion.

  • PBW Spotlight - The Roll Up

    Roll up is challenging for many. It occurs frequently in Pilates sessions and so learning how to perform it properly is essential. I offer a few modifications and techniques to get your rolling up smoothing and safely.

  • PBW Spotlight - Back Extension

    In under 5 minutes I give you some food for thought and ways to improve your back bending.
    Try this video.Your back will thank you.

  • PBW Spotlight - Teaser

  • Pilates Body Workout Advanced - Pistol Squat Breakdown

    We look at the joints that have to move well for a pistol squat to take place, the strength around those joints required and simple but effective ways to build up toward a full pistol squat.