PBW 101

PBW 101

PBW 101
  • 15 min PBW 101 Five Moves Flow

    Learn 5 movements you can practice daily to build stability, strength, and mobility. These are five common moves you’ll see in PBW segments that I breakdown for you to learn and Feel the Feels in a focused way
    1. Cat/Cow
    2. Hip rolls
    3. Single leg lift
    4. Baby swan
    5. Side bend

  • 20 min PBW 101 “Dig Deep” Flow

    Beginner doesn’t mean easy, it means I give you time to dig deep, make connections to parts of your body and really Feel the Pilates Feels. Enjoy this dynamic and innovative 101 session.

  • 5 min PBW 101 Alignment Tutorial

    What is neutral? How do we find it? Take a few short minutes to learn how to align your spine, pelvis and ribs for optimal posture and muscle engagement.

  • 25 min Pilates 101 with a towel

    Using a towel helps us connect with different parts of our body and to activate muscles. A towel can also support us in challenging positions as we build strength and body awareness. This segment keeps things interesting by adding the towel as a prop, but also brings the work of Pilates to the fo...

  • PBW Spotlight on Bracing Abdominals

  • 25 min Pilates 101 with a pillow

    This beginner flow incorporates a small pillow or blanket to support our Pilates movements. The pillow helps us learn classic Pilates moves and develop the strength to perform them without the aid of this prop over time. Using the pillow often makes the work more obvious and gets us feeling all t...

  • 25 min PBW 101 Flow

    The beauty of Pilates is that you will move your body in all directions: hands and knees, lying on your back, your stomach, side lying and more! Enjoy this flow that takes you through a full body workout at a pace that helps you connect to your body and gain th most out of your movements.

  • 25 min Pilates 101 Flow

    Beginner Pilates flow segment taking you through a full body workout. We move through common Pilates movements with various options offered to modify the movements as needed.

  • 17 min PBW 101 Flow Session

  • 20 min PBW 101 Core Flow

    Full body workout moving at a pace that allows you the time to make brain-body/mind-body connections.

  • PBW 101 Slow Flow

    This 101 flow is equal parts lengthening and strengthening to make sure you feel balanced from inside out and top to bottom.

  • 22 min PBW 101 Strength Flow

    Learn some of the building blocks of PilatesBodyWorkout. I love 101 workouts because the specific movements give us time to really focus on form, alignment and proper muscle activation. Stop. Drop and let’s Pilates!

  • 25 min PBW 101 at the Wall

    The wall is an excellent place to feel our alignment and assist with building balance. The wall also gives us feedback on what parts of our body need to work and where we are in space. Explore this 20 minute session and learn all the benefits of working with a wall.

  • Pilates 101 full body Flow

  • PBW 101 Breathing Tutorial

    Learn how to breathe well for Pilates. Explore how you breathe and why it’s so important.

  • 20 min PBW 101 Return to Life Flow

    This workout is a compilation of some of my favourite Pilates movements that I think are invaluable and that I return to again and again to sustain my strength and control. That’s why I call it the “Return to Life” segment that’s inspired by focusing in on what really matters while Feeling all th...

  • 5 min PBW Spotlight on Side Bending

    Short tutorial on improving your side bends by using the wall.

  • 20 min PBW 101 with a chair or stool.

    We spend a lot of time sitting in chairs, but did you know you can do some pretty valuable and challenging movements while seated in one? Check out this 20 minute workout that moves from the chair to the floor. you might start incorporating these movement on the daily.

  • 5 min PBW 101 a Core Activation Tutorial

    Watch and learn in this brief, but effective tutorial on how to engage your abdominals.